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Sculpey / Miscellaneous Sculpey / Sculpey Clay Softener & Thinner
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Sculpey Clay Softener & Thinner Sculpey Clay Softener & Thinner
Sculpey Clay Softener & Thinner Sculpey Clay Softener & Thinner
      Sculpey® Liquid Clay Thinner & Softener can be used for softening polymer clay and thinning Liquid Sculpey®.   Just a few drops will make all the difference.
    Improves the texture of dry, crumbly clay, creating the perfect consistency. Add a few drops of this polymer clay softener into firm clay and thoroughly knead into the clay to make it soft and subtle.
    Works great to thin out Liquid Sculpey® if it gets too thick. Simply add a few drops and gently stir.  
    Twist cap for precise flow control.
Perfect for all brands of Oven Bake Clay - The Softener & Thinner is perfect for use with not only Sculpey oven bake clay, you can use with all other brands of polymer oven bake clay or liquid clays!

Tips for using Softener & Thinner -
- Add the Softener one drop at a time and working it in often resuscitates previously unworkable clay.
If you accidentally use too much clay softener, try leaching some out of your creation by using heavy books to press your clay between sheets of paper.
- Just like with Polymer Clay or Liquid Sculpey, avoid getting Sculpey® Clay Softener & Thinner on surfaces as it can damage them. Always protect your work surface when creating with clay!
- Add one drop at a time to Liquid Sculpey®, stirring in completely. Check the consistency of the Liquid Sculpey® before adding more to make sure you end up with the desired consistency.
- Twist the cap for precise flow control, open halfway for detail work or open completely to flood.

Non Toxic and safe - Sculpey® Softener & Thinner conforms to ASTM D-4236 and EN 71 safety standards, it is non-toxic and safe to use.

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