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UV-Resin / Resin /

UV-Resin Hard 25 gr

(Item no.: UV169)
“Drips from the Sun” is a transparent resin gel which cures when it is exposed to ultraviolet rays. Unlike 2-part epoxy resins, it is ready for use, no mixing is required, so you can use just the amount you need without wasting resin or time. The end result is a clean, transparent look with outstanding hardness.
Curing time is 2-10 minutes with UV light (36W), 10-30 minutes in natural sunlight in fine weather, 30-60 minutes in natural sunlight on cloudy days.
Tips and precautions:
Do not use near open fire.
Use resin in a well-ventilated room.
Use gloves, glasses and an apron to prevent direct contact with skin, eyes and clothing.
DO NOT leave resin for long under a fluorescent light to avoid it curing.
Storage temperature for the resin is 0 – 25 degrees celcius.

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