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UV-Resin / Resin /

UV-LED Resin 30 g "StarDrop" (EN Label)

(Item no.: UV280)
UV-LED RESIN “Star Drops”  with English label and multilanguage instructions.
*One component curing resin, expose under UV- LED light(405nm), UV light(365nm) and sunshine. Quick curing in minutes.
*Non-yellowing color protection keeps crystal clear color.
*Works well with PP Soft mold & silicone mold.
Curing time , differs with size and seasonal changes.
UV-LED light          30 - 90 seconds
UV light             2 - 4 minutes
Bright sunlight   30 -90 seconds
Normal sunlight       3- 10 minutes

After it is cured, it is hard and waterproof, with a beautiful high-transparency.
Available sizes : 25g, 100g, 200 gr

Package size:W80×H190×D30mm
Bottle size:Φ28×H116mm
Component:Acrylic curable resin
Made in Japan

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